Dansa kroppens språk med Suna Senman

Här kommer en presentation av vår mest internationella gäst på Valla Insight. Hon har jobbat både i New-york, Uganda och Darfur med olika projekt från kvinnors hälsa till ökad självkänsla och självkännedom  hos barn och ungdomar. 

Här följer hennes beskivning av det pass hon kommer ge under Valla insight den 18 juli (ni får ha överseende med att det är skrivet på engelska):

"As a psychotherapist and massage therapist, Suna Senman hears the body "speak" untold stories.  Spoken language is said to be 7% of communication; body movements makes up for 55%.  
By using a combination of movement and dance therapy techniques we give the body the freedom to "speak".  With mindful focus on breath and movement, you can access feelings, memories and deeper inner wisdom. 
Suna has focused on mind-body health and balance for her entire life.  In her teens she competed in and coached gymnastics. As a young adult she danced in New York and continued to teach gymnastics and fitness. To expand her understanding of health, she studied to be a psychotherapist and then worked in outpatient mental health while continuing physical activities. She trained in yoga, massage, qigong, dance therapy, hypnotherapy and many areas of health. 
Today, Suna has a health center joined to her home in Färila where she offers massage, quantum hypnotherapy, counseling, meditation, yoga and other opportunities for you to feel at your best. You can book appointments through freedomcenter.bokadirekt.se Mention Vala wellness for 25% discount in 2019.  If you are coming from out of town, Suna can arrange overnight stays on location for a totally relaxing and rebalancing experience."

Ni kan även ta del av meditationer som Suna ger tillgång till genom sin Patreon sida.



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